Set of 12 Loose Burlap Bags


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Set of 12 loose-fitting burlap bags.  Size: 12" X 20" with drawstring.

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Our set of 12 loose-fitting burlap bags fit loosely around our luminaries.  This has become a very popular option to give a rustic look.  The burlap bags can be rolled back at the top (as shown), or the drawstring can be pulled in at the top and tied. Please examine our snug-fitting burlap bags before purchasing to compare the look.  Both are great!

If you desire to use these and your light source is an electric light string, you will need to cut a hole on both sides of the bag bottoms to feed the light string through so you can still secure the light string in the channel running underneath the luminaries. 

We can't stress how well these look and how popular they are becoming everywhere after one person tries them first!

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