Westinghouse 2-Outlet Darkness-Sensing Timer


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Westinghouse 2-Outlet Darkness-Sensing Timer.

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The Westinghouse 2-Outlet Darkness-Sensing Timer is the perfect electrical timer to automate when your lights come on and off every evening.  The built-in light sensor detects the arrival of dusk, and your lights come on automatically.  The settings switch allows you to select the time length you want your lights to stay on; 2-hour, 4-hour, 5-hour, 6-hour, 7-hour, 8-hour, 9-hour and 10-hour.  After your selected time period expires, your lights shut off automatically, awaiting the next evening when the cycle starts again.  There is also a dusk/dawn feature if you want your lights to stay on during all dark hours.  You also have a basic on and off switch, if you desire to manual set your lights on and off.

This is an outside timer and built to withstand the outdoor elements. There are 2 electrical outlets on the end, allowing you flexibility to supply several light circuits on this timer. There is a power indicator LED, showing if you have power to the device.

All plug ends are 3-prong grounded. This UL-listed device is rated for 125VAC/60Hz/8A/1000W (Resistive), 8A/1000W (Tungsten).

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