6 Timer Amber LED Tea Lights


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These Amber LED Tea Candles With Timers are flameless, waxless, heatless, long-lasting candles that can be used in FLIC Luminaries.

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The flickering amber light simulates a real flame. You no longer need to worry about the danger and inconvenience of a flame candle, but still get the desired effect. These LED Tea Candles are BRIGHTER THAN ACTUAL CANDLES!

These tea lights have a timer feature.  No more having to turn your tea lights on an off every evening!  Simply turn them on once (at the time you want them to come on every evening) and they will stay on for 5 hours and then will automatically shut off for 19 hours.  It will continue this same timing sequence every following evening.  All you have to do is turn them on once!

There is also the advantage of placing them wherever you need without the problem of finding an electrical outlet or running extension cords.
Batteries are included.

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Lighting OptionsLED Tea Lights with Batteries Installed