HOA Luminaries Testimonials

Special thanks to our amazing customers who continue to help us grow!

"Working with HOA Luminaries, was like working with an old friend. David is truly customer-service orientated. His attention to detail and what’s best for your neighborhood, makes it feel like he’s YOUR neighbor. Even though he’s slammed with orders, I never felt rushed when speaking to him. The absolute nicest businessman I’ve run into. As far as the luminaries? Folks CAN NOT stop talking about them. We’ve had many neighbors order after the order deadline and more folks to say they’ll order next year. They not only brought our neighborhood together, but aesthetically are a slam dunk! They make other products look inferior, because these luminaries are a stellar product. I wish I could work with HOA Luminaries over and over again. Who knows? Next year we’ll probably run them up our driveway. Thanks David and HOA Luminaries for bringing light and happiness to our neighborhood after a tumultuous 2020."

~ Deb L., Loganville, Georgia

"I love them! My nextdoor neighbor bought after everyone else because (a) she didn't know how many to buy, and didn't get around to it, and (b) she didn't want to be the neighbor who didn't participate within a chain of four houses with lights. Now she's in line with others in our block. Next year is bound to have better participation since people can see the beauty of them. It was A great idea to do this!"

~ Rose T., Wildwood

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are. I am attaching a few photos. We have 36 from 10 years ago and 36 just added new ones. You can’t tell the difference! (The old ones have dried leaves and dirt inside.) The 10 year old ones are on the left and the new ones are on the right."

Thank you! Elizabeth P. Indio CA


Luminary Closeup Photo

Street Luminaries Photo


"The luminaries are perfect. Easy to assemble, sturdy, electric lights so candles don't blow out. I saw unity and pride when I drove through the neighborhood. 45 sets this year, let’s go for an additional 45 sets next year!"

- Mary B.

"Thanks, David, for all your patience.  It seemed to take us too long for making the decision to try luminarias when we had all the details well-presented to us.  But we finally decided and I am happy to report that we have received only praise from homeowners.  This is the first time we have all agreed on anything!  I can definitely state we have a more positive vibe in our community.  We really needed this.  You were right about it helping soften neighbors.  You can count on more luminarias being added every year!"

- Kevin J., Texas

"Thanks for inventing your luminarias. As president of the College Hill Neighborhood Association, it's my job to try to get as many of our members as possible to participate in decorating their homes with luminarias for our annual trolley tour. Previously, the usual paper bag luminarias have been ruined by rain and sleet. Your new product was extremely timely, as again we had bad weather, but the display remained fail proof. At a meeting after our Christmas event, the College Hill residents who had used the FLIC Luminaries had positive reactions."

-Cecelia Gorlich, President of the College Hill Neighborhood Association


"I like them. They are a great expression of unity in the neighborhood. Hopefully other residents will see how pretty they are and join in next year."

- Lillie J.

"Okay.  I'm convinced.  I was the last one to sign off on this project because of my skepticism.  The persistence of everyone else finally weakened me.  So here is my payback.  An apology and feeling egg on my face.  Next year I will probably surprise those who aren't reading this with my purchase of several more sets to complete my yard.  Daryl... you win!"

- Victor, A., Florida

"Just a heads up how strong your luminarias are....I ordered sometime back needing some that could stand the south Texas heat and climate....and they held up in 110 mph winds of the recent hurricane (Ike). Trees were down in the yard but not these babies.... They are great! Thanks....

-Sheila Alexander, Texas

"They are beautiful and I will buy more for the next year also. If everyone has them it is magical and will bring lots of viewers into see them."

- Bonnie T., Georgia

Suburban Luminaries Photo

neighborhood luminarias photo


"Received the luminaries. They are GREAT!! Thank you for the wonderful service."

Sincerely, -Pam Owens, Main Street Coordinator, Planning/Development Dept., Moline, Illinois

"We feel so fortunate to have found you guys online.  Our neighborhood was ready to give up on luminaries after we tried one of your competitor's plastic luminaries that didn't even make it through the season.  We were all heartbroken but now feel redemption for continuing to believe it was possible.  I already know next year we will add many more neighbors because everyone raved about your luminaries and we even had two big storms over the holidays.  Not a single dead luminary!"

- Kathy Thomas, Alabama "R o l l   T i d e !"

"From our entire board, we would like to give testimony to the quality of this product.  They seem a bit expensive but they end up being very affordable because they last indefinitely!  We bought in after discovering them from one of our homeowners who had theirs for many years.  I expect almost every neighbor to buy in by next year.  They dominated the conversation at our annual Christmas Fair"

- Bec G., Tucson, Arizona



"Good riddance to paper bag luminarias. In 2001 and 2002 our neighborhood luminary display was completely ruined by sleet and wind. After hours of preparation and lighting we were wiped out by mother nature.

After using the FLIC Luminaries last year I will never use any other. There was little preparation time. They were not affected by the weather and clean up consisted of stacking them for storage. This year I won't even have to do the sand weighting as I stored them without emptying the sand."

-Bill Frailey, Wichita, Kansas

"When I discovered FLIC Luminaries, I realized there is a solution for easy placement on my adobe wall. The frustrations of attaching (then re-attaching) other luminarias to my wall are over. With the simple addition of some weight, the FLIC Luminaries, with the Adobe Wall Mount, have clung tenaciously to my wall through some strong winds. At Christmas time I leave my display up for several weeks. When I found that I could stack these luminarias for storage, leaving the lights attached, I was sold."

-Carl Friedrichs, Santa Fe, New Mexico

electric white luminarias