How it works

Lighting up your home with luminaries will bring joy to you and your neighbors for the holidays. Now imagine lighting up your entire neighborhood! Connecting homes with luminaries creates a beauty and charm unique from anything else. Luminaries are festive and help everyone feel the holiday spirit. This is a great time for neighbors to embrace others in their neighborhood. Luminaries help in that connection!

Have you already bought our luminaries in the past and now interested in helping your neighborhood get started in our program? We will go back from your past orders and retroactively REBATE you 20% off our list price! It is never too late to take advantage of your special neighborhood discount pricing.

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Help us help you!

What an awe-inspiring opportunity to bring your neighborhood together with a glowing display of luminaries! You can be the inspirational leader that brings the luminary vision to life and creates a magical experience for your community. Imagine the beautiful sight of your neighborhood lit up in a soft, warm glow. With the help of our team, you can make this vision a reality.

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We provide you with the tools you need to inform and coordinate with your neighbors, from offering the same luminaries so they can match and flow together to giving you the support you need to ensure a successful project. We'll be with you through the entire process, so you can enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your neighborhood come together in a stunning display of light.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us help you bring the luminary vision to life. Together, we can create a truly magical experience that your neighborhood will never forget!

Our offer to you:

We will save you and your neighborhood 20% on your purchases by coordinating a group sale throughout your neighborhood. Orders are collected from your own custom ordering page.  The savings incentive also helps keep neighbors buying the same style of luminary. This is really key to connecting a neighborhood with luminaries that match.

Once your neighborhood order page is built, it will stay active indefinitely, and throughout the year. We stay with your neighborhood, giving support, because this is how to develop a successful program in your neighborhood through the years!

Orders ship individually to homeowners immediately after they order. On orders of $100 or higher, they receive FREE SHIPPING!

Neighborhoods outside of Kansas pay not sales tax, so browse our site, take 20% off the prices and that is the price you and your neighbors will pay!

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Benefits to you and your neighborhood:

1. Foster a sense of community and connectedness with your fellow neighbors..

2. Instill pride and value within your neighborhood that can be seen from the outside.

3. Unify the neighborhood with a shared experience and a feeling of positivity.

4. Keep the holiday spirit alive in your neighborhood for years to come with our help.

5. Create a memorable, beautiful experience and share with family, friends, and all visitors..

6. Encourage participation and collaboration among your neighbors to come together to build a better neighborhood.

7. Promote holiday cheer throughout your neighborhood and share it with the world.

8. Provide a safe and secure environment for your neighborhood.

9. Showcase your neighborhood's holiday spirit in a unique and lasting way.

Steps to bringing luminaries to your neighborhood:

Explore our website - discover the variety of luminary products we offer.

Connect with us - by email, phone, or our contact form page to discuss your neighborhood's needs.

Order a sample kit - experience the quality of our luminaries for yourself.

Connect with neighbors - get their input and ideas on how to best use the luminaries. Consider using the Nextdoor app, Facebook/Instagram, and even your own neighborhood website for discussion.

Create your own ordering page - with our assistance, and promote it in your community.

Follow our step-by-step plan - ensure your luminary project is a success.

Utilize our resources - help spread the word and make sure everyone in your neighborhood is aware of your project.

Keep us informed - of your progress throughout the holidays so we can best help you.

Enjoy the success - of your luminary project and celebrate with your neighbors!

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