How it works

Lighting up your home with luminaries will bring joy to you and your neighbors for the holidays. Now imagine lighting up your entire neighborhood! Connecting homes with luminaries creates a beauty and charm unique from anything else. Luminaries are festive and help everyone feel the holiday spirit. This is a great time for neighbors to embrace others in their neighborhood. Luminaries help in that connection!

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Help us help you!

Perhaps you have already experienced a neighborhood lit up with luminaries. Each homeowner didn't discover luminaries independently from the other neighbors. Their luminaries throughout the neighborhood required a coordinated effort, informing the entire neighborhood and creating an opportunity for everyone to buy the same luminaries so they can match and flow together.

It usually only takes one enthusiastic homeowner to "get the ball rolling" on the luminary vision. The enthusiasm is contagious as others become aware of the possibilities and especially after they experience our luminaries!

Our offer to you:

We will save you and your neighborhood 25% on your purchases by coordinating a group sale throughout your neighborhood. Orders are collected from your own custom ordering page and then shipped to you as one or two bulk orders. The shipping savings allows us to discount your purchasing price and some of the shipping costs. The savings incentive also helps keep neighbors buying the same style of luminary. This is really key to connecting a neighborhood with luminaries.

By ordering in one bulk neighborhood order we give you FREE SHIPPING, saving you a fortune in shipping costs! As long as your neighborhood exists outside of Kansas, you are not charged sales tax, so browse our site, take 25% off the prices and that is the price you and your neighbors will pay!

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Benefits to you and your neighborhood:

1. Bring a festive holiday charm to your neighborhood every year.

2. Build better bonds throughout your neighborhood.

3. Instill a positive feel in your neighborhood to those outside your neighborhood.

4. Promote a high sense of value throughout your neighborhood

5. Grow and maintain your neighborhood luminary program with the help of HOA Luminaries for years to come!

Steps to bringing luminaries to your neighborhood:

Browse our website - we administer all our neighborhood programs from this site.

Register and contact us - connect with us by email, phone, or our contact form page to start a conversation.

Purchase a sample kit - our sample kit will allow you to experience the quality of our products. Our luminaries sell themselves!

Discuss it over with your neighbors - it's always valuable to involve your neighbors first. Consider using the Nextdoor app or website.

Present it to your board - present the dream of adding luminary light to your neighborhood!

Execute your luminary plan - after your neighborhood board approves you are ready to start your program and bring the glow of luminaries to your neighborhood!

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