HOA Luminaries - FAQ

If I am interested in helping start a luminary program in my neighborhood, what is the steps involved in doing so?

1. Order some luminaries off our site.  For the broadest look at what we offer, order our sample kit so you can mix and match different light sources with luminaries.  You can also order full sets so you can represent more of the look that is possible.

2. Share our luminaries with your decision-makers and, if approved, have them coordinate your own neighborhood ordering page on our site that has all the specific details for your neighborhood.

3. Promote the luminaries within your neighborhood.  It works best if neighbors can experience our luminaries before deciding.

4. Distribute the luminaries on your set deliver date to neighbors.  Upon receiving your bulk shipment, be available for neighbors to pickup their individual orders.  It is also a good idea if someone stocks a few extra luminary accessories to offer if needed later.

Can I order other products besides what is on my HOA's page?

Yes, you can.  Many customers like to add in electrical timers, socket caps, and other accessories.  You can also order other luminary colors and accessories for use at other times besides your neighborhood luminary event.

Is their a warranty on the luminaries?

Yes.  All our luminaries come with our 10-year Luminary Warranty.  All accessory products (light source items, stakes) are not covered by this warranty and fall strictly under our return policy.

Are HOA luminaries the same as FLIC luminaries?

Yes.  HOA Luminaries (company/website) is a subdivision of FLIC Luminaries, LLC.  The products are exactly the same.  The purpose of HOA Luminaries is to structure programs to specifically fit the needs of neighborhoods or all types.