HOA Luminaries - FAQ

What is the minimum cumulative order our neighborhood has to place under this program?

We understand that every community is unique and has different needs and goals, which is why we don't have any minimum requirements for the cumulative order. We believe that a small but dedicated group of individuals can make a big impact in promoting our luminaries and bringing more beauty and light to your neighborhood.

What we look for is commitment and enthusiasm from at least one person in the community to take the lead and champion the cause. Having just one individual who is passionate about the program can be enough to kickstart it and get it going. With their leadership, we believe that more and more people in your neighborhood will become interested in the program and will want to contribute to its success.

If I am interested in helping start a luminary program in my neighborhood, what are the steps involved in doing so?

1. Order luminaries from our website, and consider getting a sample kit to explore different light sources and designs.

2. Share our luminaries with others in your neighborhood to get a feel for popularity and design options.  If you have access to HOA board members, attempt to gain their support.  When questions arise, contact us for accurate answers.  We are here to help you!

3. Bring in other neighbors for help.  The more quality people you get involved, the faster you will spread luminaries and successful luminary programs are largely built by having good momentum.  If you don't find help, don't be afraid to do this alone.  There are many successful luminary programs built by a single homeowner!

4. Promote the program within your neighborhood, and use our tools and expertise to help spread the word. Allow neighbors to experience the luminaries before making a decision.

5. Maintain open communication with your neighbors throughout the season to continue building a positive sense of community and to ensure the success of your luminary program. Share your feedback with us to help us better serve your neighborhood in the future. Together, we can create a beautiful and magical atmosphere in your neighborhood.

When does our neighborhood luminary program expire?

We are excited to let you know that our neighborhood luminary program is a long-term initiative that never expires. Our goal is to keep the community spirit alive and shining bright, and that's why we are dedicated to keeping your page up and active for as long as you want to participate in the program.

We believe that consistent participation and engagement in neighborhood luminary programs is essential for their success. It not only enhances the aesthetic of the neighborhood but also brings people together and fosters a sense of community pride.

Can I order other products besides what is on my HOA's page?

Yes, you can.  Many customers like to add in electrical timers, socket caps, and other accessories.  You can also order other luminary colors and accessories for use at other times besides your neighborhood luminary event.

Is their a warranty on the luminaries?

Yes.  All our luminaries come with our 10-year Luminary Warranty.  All accessory products (light source items, stakes) are not covered by this warranty and fall strictly under our return policy.

Are HOA luminaries the same as FLIC luminaries?

Yes.  HOA Luminaries (company/website) is a subdivision of FLIC Luminaries, LLC.  The products are exactly the same.  The purpose of HOA Luminaries is to structure programs to specifically fit the needs of neighborhoods of all types.