FLIC Luminaries Announces Start Of HOA Luminaries

FLIC Luminaries Announces Start Of HOA Luminaries

June 1, 2018 -  FLIC Luminaries announced the start of their new website specifically tailored for HOAs, CCRCs, and other neighborhood associations.  The focus of this new website is to better serve all the various neighborhood organizations desiring to buy luminaries and start luminary programs.

HOA Luminaries offers specifically-designed programs for neighborhoods to help provide discounts and a needed organizational structure to help the purchasing process for groups.  Orders are fulfilled individually for each customer and then shipped out in bulk with all the group orders bundled together, providing huge savings passed on to the organization and each customer. It is common for organizations to use some of their discount savings to purchase luminaries for common areas creating a positive situation where they do not have to use their general funds to purchase luminaries.

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